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A suggestive culinary experience that will remain etched in your memory. Let yourself be inspired by our proposals.

La lista delle Vivande: dishes that characterize the proposals that you will find every day

Fish of the day carpaccio with a peach salad, lemon gel and olive oil powderEur. 16
Duck foie gras with sweet spices and a ginger and apricot compoteEur. 20
Yellow-fin tuna tataki in a black sesame crust with a red onion marmalade and a myrtle reductionEur. 16
Cuttlefish “egg”, filled with a soft egg yolk and served on a bed of fava bean purée with a cuttlefish ink sauceEur. 16
Melting cheese with a sweet fig confit centre, wrapped in a fig leaf and accompanied by pan’e saba (a traditional Sardinian sweet aromatic bread)Eur. 15
Beef tartare on fresh ricotta with powdered capers, eggs mimosa and a corn crunchEur. 16
Fresh egg pasta alla chitarra with lobster and saffronEur. 25
"Pastificio Spada" spaghetti with clams and mullet roe Eur. 16
Beechwood smoked Carnaroli risotto with seared scallopsEur. 16
Green chlorophyll ravioli stuffed with dogfish shark on a bed of aubergine with a fish sauce and date tomatoesEur. 16
Lasagnetta with rice sheets, a guinea fowl ragout, and oriental-style vegetables on a soya reductionEur. 16
Trombetta courgette soup with sour cream and edible flowersEur. 15
Pork cheek braised in Sardinian red wine on a bed of rosemary-infused potatoesEur. 24
Roasted rack of lamb cooked at a low temperature in an aromatic crust, with a radish and French bean saladEur. 26
Clam and Olbian mussel soup in a basket of warm breadEur. 24
Vegetable “garden” with a spelt sponge, crunchy quinoa soil and buttered vegetablesEur. 26
Fried calamari and shellfish in a crunchy filo basket with spiced mayonnaiseEur. 24
Grilled scampi and prawns on a colourful coulis with pepper swirlsEur. 26
Sweet World (meringue, raspberries, custard cream, dark chocolate)Eur. 8
Cannonau wine cannolo filled with ricotta and chocolate flakes and served with pistachio gelato and grainEur. 8
Fruit tart with fior di latte gelatoEur. 8
Macha tea tart with a melting centre on a white chocolate sauceEur. 8
Babà al rum: a brioche-like cake in rum syrup, with whipped creamEur. 8
Coffee and elderflower crème bruléeEur. 8

‘Once upon a time…’

… tradition meets innovation …

Selection of typical Sardinian cured meats and cheeses, with jams, honey, and pane carasau (a Sardinian crispy flat bread)Eur. 16
Olbian mussels cooked in lemon and parsley with garlic croutonsEur. 14
Traditional Pulicioni Galluresi (ravioli stuffed with ricotta, lemon zest and sugar) with a tomato sauceEur. 16
Fish and shellfish soup tagineEur. 22
Grilled fish of the day fillets with stuffed tomatoesEur. 26
Grilled beef ribs with rocket, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegarEur. 26
Seadas (Sardinian cheese fritters) with honeyEur. 8
Classic tiramisuEur. 8
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