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..a philosophy of contemporary inspiration, where tradition and innovation come together in new armonies and symphonic perfections

A creative cuisine that has its roots on our territory, a menu thought to bring out the qualities of every single ingredient.

Unique tastes, a meeting between tradition and innovation to create a pure taste harmony. The contemporary inspiration that gives a new symphonic perfection to the most typical courses.

A menù built on our island’s excellences, products rearranged creatively harmoniuosly by our chef, fully respecting the tradition. The fresh fish, farm-to-table meat, mediterranean herbs and berries, seasonal vegetables, extra virgin olive oil: the quality cuisine is renovated and playing with infinite combinations.

Our ideas to start…the starters…sea and land products are joined together whit seasonal fruit and mediterranean berries, following the harmonic and creative chef’s conception. In this way, tuna is mixed with a red onion marmalade with myrtle reduction, while our melting cheese is in harmony with a sweet fig confit centre. Then a nice selection of first courses with exceptional ingredients…sea products, and of course some proposal from the land well studied and never neglected. To top it up, our delicios desserts conceived to be fully matched between traditional and new ingredients, fundamental part of our menus.

We will be happy to satisfy any particular request, following you in the choiche of a vegetarian course or by excluding particular ingredients as gluten. In these cases we kindly ask our guests to anticipate these requests when the reservation is made.

The menu and gastronomical offer are daily renewed, always with unique yet simple proposals.


Our Menus :

  • la lista delle vivande (The Courses List): i piatti che caratterizzano le proposte che troverete ogni giorno
  • Daily offersThe gastronomical offer is daily renewed, always with unique yet simple proposals to surprise and to delight you with its essentiality and to experiment new itineraries of our gourmet cuisine.
  • C’era una Volta….once upon a time there was an orchard, a vineyard, a cultivated field. A simple lifestyle, with essential and geniune food. Today, La Colombaia, renews that same simplicity and genuinity, with a new contemporary interpretation. A step back in the past that is still connected to the present. A way to never forget our roots and our traditions, rediscovering them in modern day retelling.
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