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“Between all of chef’s duties, to serve you is the most important”. Massimiliano Villani Chef

Massimiliano Villani, from Val d’Aosta, starred Chef, nationally affirmed and a professional for more than 30 years..

After several important experiences in different well known italian restaurants, collaborating with great chefs as Ezio Santin, Antica Osteria del Ponte, Cassinetta di Lugagnano – 3 Michelin stars, and Fabio Babaglini, La Cassolette Restaurant inside the Montblanc hotel in La Salle – 1 Michelin star, he has started a new challenge, embracing the concept of “bistronomy”, from the words bistrot ang gastronomy, giving life to the “Essenza Bistrot” in Olbia.

The name reflects the cuisine philosophy proposed. Few ingrediente, studied pairing, essential presentation. “our approach to the ingredient is done to bring it out. We put ourselves out there with every course” after only 18 months, Essenza Bistrot in Olbia is the only new restaurant in Sardinia to received the achievement “Il Piatto” by Michelin in 2017.”. 

The Chef is inspired by an authentic and genuine passion for cuisine and for the research of all of its expressions and contributes to the founding of La Colombaia Gourmet Restaurant, giving life to the idea of a restaurant with a new philosophy of contemporary inspiration, where tradition and innovation come together in new armonies and symphonic perfections.

At the head of Gourmet Restaurant La Colombaia, Executive Chef Massimiliano Villani will take you through a renewed gastonomical that combines knowledge of the classic and contemporary in an armonical and selfconscious way, with a strong connection with the territory and a constant research on products.

Gourmet Restaurant La Colombaia and Chef Massimiliano Villani, join together in this new experience and invite you to live this adventure with them.

Our cuisine is instinct and rationality, the translation of a creative thought that becomes experience.

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